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Justin Bieber got a face tattoo and it's as dissolved in mystery as his marriage (yes, Justin is a married man, in case you missed it). He got married to Haley Baldwin, and made it all official on social media. Surprisingly, they didn't have an exquisite wedding. However, the fact we're more astonished about has nothing to do with that, even though it is known to be a gesture of the love he shares with his wife.

Now, Bieber's tattoos are a great deal of attraction and he flaunts them proudly, as anyone would of course. He has got a lot of tattoos all over, and is quite often compared with non other than the legendary footballer and a sensation David Beckham when it comes to getting inked and flaunting it.

However, he did not do any sort of PDA with his latest ink, which also happens to be the most amazing tattoo he's got till now. It's a tattoo on his face. Have a look.

The tattoo is right above his right eye brow, and it says 'grace'. It's been revealed that he got it as a part of a couple tattoo. When we hear about face tattoos, we buckle up for a disaster. However, this seems to be rather inconspicuous and tactfully done (compared to most face tattoos, like if you know what I mean.) You almost can't even see it properly in plain daylight.

All we can see is that this perhaps is the only face tattoo that's not cringe-worthy at all. No matter what he does, we know how big a name is Justin Bieber. Though he has put his music on hold for a while to invest some time with wife Hailey, we can think of nothing else but to have such a partner in our life as well.
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