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Without a doubt, we know people have secrets that they would like to keep for themselves. Celebrities, athletes and stars of the entertainment world are no exception, they also have their unusual aspects. In movies, music clips or on different photos all stars comes perfect. You will be shocked to know how many of them have such bad traits that can influence their impeccable image.
David Beckham
Just like any of us, seems like David Beckham seems to be a foodie as well! David puts a great deal of concern to the contents of his refrigerator. And this is to the point where every product in it must be doubled. Maybe this has something to do with his childhood where he couldn’t have enough and now he wants to provide more and more for his family.

Britney Spears
Onychophagia, or biting nails, is her bad habit that she tries to fight. You may not be able to see it on the screen because she avoids close up shots or in the result of manicure she cannot bite them just the way she wants. This is something that is out of her control and ours as well. Onychophagia is a nervous symptom and occurs in people who are stressed, hungry or simply bored.

Catherine Zeta-Jones
This incredible actress also has some addiction, and that’s strawberries. Catherine loves them in all possible forms. She even went to extent of using it for teeth whitening. She adds a little sodium bicarbonate to the strawberries, and with toothpaste, she whitens her teeth.

Bill Gates
It turns out that before going to bed, Bill reads a book to fall asleep. If he does not read at least a few pages, he just cannot sleep. Well, after learning about such a habit, we are not sure if we can call it a bad trait. What do you think? Is reading a book after going to sleep that bad?! Maybe it should be on the list of the good habits of celebrities!

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