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This offer starts in the month of April, 2019.The place where you get to live is a lighthouse and a small inn on a tiny island that goes by the name East Brother Light Station built in the 1800s. Right now the caretakers are Che Rodgers and Jillian Meeker, and as they have to leave the job so they are looking for some other caretakers for the same. When the lighthouse was saved from being destroyed by the preservationists then it was added to the National Register of Historical Places, and then only it was renovated into a 5 room inn for running it 4 days a week.

There would be numerous applicants, and they would also see the qualifications so this wouldn’t be that easy. They are looking for couples who are serious about the work more than spending time together there at the light house, and one of the person must have a Coast Guard commercial boat operator's license. The couple will have to do the following things when working there:

• They will have to serve the breakfast and dinner to the guests
• They will have to do the bookkeeping, housekeeping, ferry the guests to the island, and also ferry them from the island
• They will also have to do the cooking, laundry, and cleaning of the light house

On the island, there is no Wi-Fi or television, and still they don’t get bored. Being cut off from the world might make you feel that it would be boring but that is what makes you connect with the people there. Pets are not allowed, but the birds and marine mammals are always there around the island. Meeting new and interesting people, and doing everything that it takes to run the light house and the small inn is what would make you so rich.

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- Rajat Priyam
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