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You have seen Disney princesses either waiting for their prince or fighting with the villains. But the makers I guess forget showing their lives when there are not busy in doing these things. What Disney Princesses do in their spare time? Were they busy in cooking dishes for the princes? Or were they planning to tackle their villains’ next conspiracy? NO!

Actually, they were not busy with these things. Makers forget to capture the reality of the time when they are unrestricted with their daily chores. Some learning to drive luxury cars and some already have their mastery over driving Mercedes, Lamborghini, Vintage Cars and so on.

Don’t be shocked, girls’ love for luxury cars is not new, it has aged. Even our pretty Disney princesses love to drive and travel in luxury cars. But dissimilar to us, they don’t need to earn, they don’t even need to go offices, actually, they are already a princess by-the-way.

Let’s see which princesses got which luxury car:

Snow White:

Almost everyone heard the story of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, about all her struggles in the story and the conspiracies created by her villain. But when she is not fighting or playing with drafts, she manages to gather herself and take a long drive in Lamborghini. She loves yellow, so we thought of giving her that colored luxury car.


Belle, a small town girl and a true soul, whose destiny afterward clashed with a beast’s destiny, who is actually not a beast. But that was a curse which made him a beast. AAHHH! Lots of confusion I know, we should praise Belle to get everyone out this alone. But do you know how she travels to the market to buy those pretty dresses which she used to wear on-screen? Actually, after getting married to a prince, she switched herself from a cart to a white Rolls-Royce.


The princess of the Middle Eastern kingdom of Agrabah, her father was the Sultan of that place. We all have seen her flying on that magical carpet with her love. But, actually, when she was not on the screen and it was Aladdin’s turn, she used to roam around with her friends in her luxury Vintage car.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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