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Anxious thoughts can overtake your positive state of mind and can result in some serious issues, making it difficult for you to take decisions and come up with actions to deal with whatever stuff bothers you. Anxiety is a state of overthinking and panicking over things that actually might not even be a present factor or a serious issue at all. Can you get out of this vicious circle? Suppressing those thoughts and burying it deep within won’t really work; they will just pop up again, sometimes with much greater effects. We’ve got these little steps for you to follow to get rid of this problem gradually:

Distance Yourself From Imaginative thoughts
Try viewing your anxious thoughts as contemplations and just a fiction of your mind, not facts. Your mind is trying to save you by predicting what could happen, but just because something could happen doesn’t really imply that it will. Look at the other side, what if that which you’re thinking to be negative would turn out to be something positive? What if the things you thought would turn disastrous turns out to be the happy ones?

Observe Your Mind
Rather than jumping into conclusions just observe your thoughts carefully for ones. Thoughts are just like clouds floating in your mind, that might or might not rain down and which actually depends on you. Try searching for ways to keep away from disturbing factors of your mind. Untangle yourself and think of running away at times.

Stop Delving In The Past
Your mind conjures up stories about who you are, and about your disposition. Not all of these stories are accurate. Sometimes our minds tend to be more biased by bad past experiences. What is your disposition in the present moment? Are you even in you're present right now?

Broaden your perspective
Are you concentrating only on the threatening aspects of a situation, rather than seeing the whole picture? Anxiety makes our mind too narrow and focuses on the immediate threat without taking into account the broader context. Will you still take heed of this problem about 5 to 10 years from now? If not, then ease up on the worry.

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