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Batman has always been one of the most likeable superheroes, and was last seen in Justice League. Here is a good news for all the Batman fans, as per reports, the script of the next Batman movie (might be titled The Batman) is all-ready and the shoot is going to start in the month of November 2019. The report has come from Borys Kit, a reporter from The Hollywood Reporter. Till now 8 actors have played the role of Batman with Lewis Wilson being the worst and Christian Bale being the best.

Of course, The Dark Knight series is the best movie series by DC, Christopher Nolan as director and Christian Bale with his acting had totally nailed it. As The Dark Knight is the best Batman movie till date so the director of the next Matt Reeves is trying to dig something like that, and restore the character’s damage done by Batman v Superman, and Justice League. As per the rumours, Ben Affleck wouldn’t be playing Batman, they are looking for a young actor and Jack O'Connell has some possibility.

Matt Reeves said "We're not doing any particular (comic). It's just exciting to be focused very specifically on a tale that is defining for him and very personal to him. Obviously we're not doing an origin tale or anything like that. We're doing a story that is definitively Batman though and trying to tell a story that's emotional and yet is really about him being the world's greatest detective and all the things that for me, since I was a kid, made me love Batman"

"I've talked about making it a very point of view noir-driven definitive Batman story in which he is investigating a particular case and that takes us out into the world of Gotham. I went on a deep dive again revisiting all my favourite comics. Those all inform by osmosis. There's no continuation of the Nolan films. It's very much trying to find a way to do this as something that for me is going to be definitively Batman and new and cool," he said.
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- Rajat Priyam
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