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Recently, Indian football scene is rising rapidly with victories that have made people start believing in the Indian football team lead by the maestro Sunil Chhetri. And now one more feather has been added to the glowing cap of Indian football as the young brigade thrashed Thailand by 4-1 in the ongoing Asia Cup 2019.

Chhetri scored two goals and was ably supported by Anirudh Thapa who scored the third goal in the 69th minute. The 20 year boy was asked to comment on this big win, he said: "Amazing! Big game, for me and for India, obviously, because in 2011, we lost our first match 4-0 [to Australia]. Many people had hopes and some were doubtful, but we did our best."

Anirudh who hails from Chandigarh says that he always wanted to make it to the Indian team but he never dreamt of marking his debut with a goal. He says that it feels really special sharing the victory with such legendary players.
He also added: "My job is to run up and down. When Sunil bhai [Sunil Chhetri] played the ball to Udanta bhai [Udanta Singh], I had maybe just one percent chance to get on the rebound or something," he remembers his diagonal run across the Thailand half in the 68th minute that would end with the ball at his feet, and then in the goal behind Chatchai Bootprom. "Luckily, Udanta bhai just slipped for the moment, and he gave me the pass, and I saw that the goalkeeper and both defenders were going one side, and I just thought of chipping in, and it went in."

Well, looks like good days are finally here, for the Foot-wizards.

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- Shivam
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