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So, it’s your BFF wedding, right? What are you going to wear? Which hairstyle are you going to carry at the wedding? And blah blah blah… We know there are already so many headaches you have to burden your head with, so I thought to reduce down your burden.

Hairstyles! Yes, here I am going to show you four cute bridesmaid’s hairstyles that are easy to carry and won’t take your much time. If you are not going to the parlor and want to do it by yourself as you must have lots of work to do. And why not? It’s your BFF wedding, so it is obvious. Don’t worry here I have listed super quick and easy hairstyles for you to glam-up the night with your charm.

Side Swept Hair:

Quickly run a hot hair-curling machine on your hair, but be careful. You don’t need to do it very neatly, just grab large sections of your hair and complete it, because this will give your hair a wavy look. Drop all your hair on one side and neatly pin-up the other side.

Low Sleek Bun

Sleek hair is the new trend in the Bollywood, Alia, Deepika and other actresses liking the hairstyle so much. So, how can we forget this one to list? You can create the low sleek bun look in just 5-minutes, I bet. Take some hair-serum on your hands and run on your hair, take your middle parting out and by combing down grab all your hair and twist to make a bun. Now secure it with hairpins and you are done.

Side Braids Bun

Bun at weddings is so much loved by the girls, as they go perfectly with each dress. You can make old school girl side braid staring right from the front of your head and keep doing it until you reach the end. Now take the remaining hair and twist them, make a bun and now take your braid cover the sides of the bun with it and secure it the pins. You are ready with your hairstyle so quickly.

Embellished hairdo

Leave hair as it is, keep the middle parting and tuck some hair behind. Now take your stone embellished hairband and place it on your head. Just run your fingers on your hair to give them a little messy look and you are done.

-Simran Bhatnagar

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