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Well, we all know that owls have a great vision at night. They may look like they cannot see in the daytime but they can see even then. As in the day when there is light their pupils don’t get as small as the other species, and a lot of light enters into their eyes. So to obstruct the light, they often close their eyes and that makes them look sleepy while they are not sleeping and are totally alert. Though, owls are totally known for their night vision around the world but there are other special characteristics of an Owl that many of us don’t even know. Here we have put some of it.

Hearing of an owl

Owls can hear 10 times more than the normal human beings, and that helps them find their prey like insects, spiders, earthworms, snails, small rodents, crabs and more. Such sensitive hearing with unsymmetrical ears helps them find their food easily as even a little sound makes them get the precise location of their target.

Head turn of an owl

Owls cannot move their eye tubes (yes, they do not have eye balls), and that is why they can only see in the straight direction. But the head movement helps them here, owls can rotate their head up to 270 degrees in each of the directions and that helps them with the movement.

Flight of an owl

Owls don’t make any sound while flying, the flights are so silent that their prey don’t even get a hint that they are being hunted and that is how they catch them easily. This silent flight is because of their feathers; they have these special feathers that reduce the sound to nothing.

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- Rajat Priyam
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