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They cared for us whole of their life. They loved us without expecting anything in return from us. But when the time came for us to do the same the things what did we really do?
Reality is when it comes to role reversal in parenting things change like hell. So here are a few things that happen when it comes to role reversal parenting.
1. Physical/ Instrumental needs
As the parents become aged they are dependent on us for every need of theirs. From cooking food to feeding them to taking them wherever they want to go our parents become totally dependent on the kids just as the kid is dependent on the parents.
But things do not happen the way they are supposed to. Parents are neglected and treated as if they are not part of the family.
2. Emotional needs
Our parents are someone who understands our needs without even a need to say anything to them but when our parents need our emotional support we fail to fulfil even the basic emotional needs of our parents.
They expect us to be with them spending time with them, talk to them but we don't have time for them.
From nurturing to spending time with them to fulfilling basic needs such as clothing, food, the shelter we poorly fail in role reversal parenting.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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