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Wedding or Big Indian wedding has so many exciting rituals that it is one of the celebrated events of our lives. However, when it comes to wedding rituals we mostly connect with Hindu weddings but Islamic weddings too have exciting rituals like Hindu wedding.
So we present you some of the similarities and differences in the rituals of both the religions.
1. Salatul Ishikawa-Acceptance from Allah
The religious head of the mosque called Imam performs a special prayer for the couple and takes the permission from Allah.
2. Imam Zamin- Acceptance of bride into the family
Groom's mother carries a gold or silver coin wrapped inside a silk scarf which she ties around her future daughter-in-law’s wrists.
3. Mangini- Offical engagement
The relative showers their blessing on the couples by gifts, sweets, cash etc.
4.Manjha- Haldi Ceremony
Everyone applies the turmeric paste on the bride hands and legs before the wedding ceremony.
5. Mehendi
The hands and legs of the bride are painted with a henna paste called mehndi.
The family of the groom takes the bride dress and accessories during this ceremony.
1. Nikkah
Boys and girls family sit separately on the day of the wedding. Also according to Islamic traditions, the bride is given a pre-decided amount of cash called Mehr from the groom family just some gifts and cash is given to the Hindu bride as dowry. During the nikkah ceremony, Mulvi asks the acceptance about the marriage both 3 times and if they agree with the couple is married.
2. The Arsi Mushaf Ritual
According to this ritual, the couples can see each other officially.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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