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Are you fighting from strawberry skin? Actually, it is not a big issue by which you diminish your self-confidence. Strawberry legs often show up on the leg in the form of small black spots which resemble the doted skin of the strawberry. These legs make girls frighten to wear their short dresses for an outing. Don’t frighten from them, because they are not harmful. They just make you more concentrated on your legs.

Don’t let those little black dots stop you. We have the solutions that will help you will get rid of these. No need to go parlor or any dermatologist, we will give you some at-home steps you can take to diminish the appearance of strawberry legs. These cures will also keep your skin smooth and even.

Remedies for Strawberry Legs


Exfoliating the legs at home in one of the best ways to prevent the appearance of irritating strawberry legs. The step will also help you to get rid of any build-up oil, dirt or bacteria. Exfoliating removes layers of dead skin cells. This means that hair will have a better chance of penetrating through the skin, despite growing back into the skin, causing ingrown hairs or small bumps on the skin.

Shave with care-

Wrong shaving can be the chief contribution to strawberry legs. SO, before shaving it is recommended that you should watch videos or ask someone who is good at it. Never straightway shave your legs, soak your legs into the warm water to make your hair soft. Exfoliate your legs several days before you shave.

Massage with Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is actually a good moisturizer, as it has “mucopolysaccharides” in it. This mucopolysaccharide helps the skin to keep moisture locked into the skin. This is the reason that why many beauty products have Aloe Vera gel in it. It will keep your legs moisturized and make them soft.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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