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Roasting someone is a tough-tough JOB! It requires a great sense of humour and quirky antics to come up with one-liners or words that can burn the hell out of the other entity. However, over years the roast act has been taken into account as a source of entertainment. Many stand-up artists organize roast shows and people arrive there to get roasted, weird but true!
The famous restaurant joint ‘Wendy’s’ is not just good with food but with sass as well, the twitter handle of the restaurant chain is often seen roasting people and hands down, they are really good at it. Recently, the joint started a trend on Twitter with #NationalRoastDay, they invited companies and people to come and get roasted. A huge wave of twitteratis including the famous ‘Hooters’ hopped in to get roasted.
Let us see some big highlights of the ‘The Wendy’s Roast Show’:-

1). Hooters, well, they kinda owned you!

2). No one roasts a good fluffy doggo like that, joke’s on you Hooman!

3). Hey, someone get some ice-pack, some serious burns have been found, eh!

4). Tom Hanks is definitely not the best person to travel with; his past haunts his future, LOL!

5). Oh GAWDDDD!!!! I cannot even breathe.

Wendy’s definitely got some good tricks in their pockets. The best thing is to see big names coming forward to get roasted in order to spread some cheers and man, laughs are really important in today’s ‘Let-us-spit-blood’ times.
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