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Flowers and plants are meant to be the symbol of peace and beauty. Most of the plants we recognize have some gorgeous flowers that dazzle with their beauty and fragrance. Many of us also think of flowers as therapeutic and comforting. People present their close ones beautiful flowers when they are sick and also when they greet them.

But not all the flowers have these qualities. Actually, they are meant for something else. Not only humans and animals are carnivorous, but some plants are also. These carnivorous flowers breed to those that are poisonous. Some flowers are those who prick your skin sore, to those that will leave you utterly sickened by their horrible odor.

Let us see some of the dangerous flowers in the world:

Castor oil plant

The plant has its name of the Guinness Book of World Records as the most poisonous plant in the world. According to the reports, single milligram of this plant is enough to end an adult’s life. All the parts of the plant are poisonous and its beans contain some of the most powerful venoms known to man.


This beautiful looking plant also called by the name- the devil’s helmet. This plant has stunning looks, but don’t go on its look, because it is also one of the most dangerous plants in the world. In ancient times it is used to kill the wolves.

Nerium oleander

This stunners can kill you. Be aware it’s outstanding beauty and scent is just to fool its prey. The plant is pretty much harmful. It is known to kill a young human with it’s a single leaf.

Dracula’s flower

When the flower blossom, it gives rotten meat like odor. This is also one of its ways to attract the prey. All the parts of the plants are poisonous and not at all friendly.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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