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Social media in the 21st century has made everything grasp within seconds without any hesitation. All sort of knowledge, necessary news and information are conveyed to us by social media, including employment. Yes, various platforms have now been introduced where one can fetch a possible opportunity based on their skills and talent. One such great platform is LinkedIn, where the youth has found great interest to find jobs in. But, as we know there are darker sides to everything, even social media and people registered with it tend to make a positive platform ugly by their super weird habits.

Here is an encounter by a girl who likes any of us wanted to seek a job, got hold of the recruiter who’s super obnoxious replies to make us all question over the authenticity of such platforms and organizations as well. Kanika Nayan took to LinkedIn itself to expose the ugly side of a recruiter who contacted her for the purpose of delivering a job but instead ended up with this. Take a look.

Also, when she came up with utter discomfort this weirdo instead of apologizing went to the extent of being arrogant about his disposition asking her whether she wants the job or not. How shameful this must be!

Heights took place when Kanika expressed her grief over an open platform. It seemed as if people weren’t really happy about such an action. Few went to extent of thinking that she must have done it in order to promote the website of the recruiter. I mean why? How can someone promote a website by defaming it and its employee?

We can only give more power to this woman who’s undaunted move to expose the ugly side of these social media movement can be a serious inspiration for all the girls out there seeking a job and coming across such idiotic fellows. Don’t hide such stuff which can guide the other one to follow the safer path. Your one stand is an ignition for the other.

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