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It is common to have laws for everything where ever you go but there are some weird rules and regulations that do exist and when you will read about them it will actually blow your mind either with laughter or some kind of shock.
But you must definitely make yourself familiar with these laws because your bank of knowledge definitely needs to know about these weird collection of laws too.
1. So if you someday you run out of fuel in autobahn then you will be penalised for it because running out of the fuel in autobahn is illegal in Germany.
2. Nextly if you had some fight and you showed your middle finger then you will be penalised 500 Euros for the same because again it is illegal to do that in Germany.
3. Also, you really need to make sure that you don't drive too slowly on an autobahn. You need to have at least the speed of 60 km/hr.
5. In Canada, you really cannot enter the cab with bad breath. But how will they really check it and prove it?
Spain does not have women-friendly driving laws because you cannot really drive with high heels or even barefoot for that matter in Spain.
7. In U.S.A you really cannot drive the black car on Sundays and doing so is illegal also.
8. And in Thailand, it is illegal to drive shirtless.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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