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It is no lie that many people have lived in extreme poverty and most of them have also seen their lives wither away in such a state of nothingness. But poverty did not stop them from dreaming big and losing hope, they strived with whatever courage and capabilities they had and reached a position which seemed inconceivable years back. That’s how hardship rewards you.
Let’s go through the lives of few big names who went from rags to riches and have proved as an inspiration for all of us who dream big:

1. Jim Carrey
The legendary actor’s present financial status is a far cry from his life as a teen. Carrey belonged to a middle-class family back in Canada and life was okay until his dad lost his job. Jim had to quit school and work as a security guard and a janitor at the meager 15. He entered the comedy club and soon offers came rolling in. His present net worth is now at $150 million.

2. Demi Moore
One of Hollywood’s hottest ladies. But she had a disturbing and impoverished past. She had to endure two indecent stepfathers and lived in trailer parks. After all the initial struggles, she entered the entertainment industry in 1984 but got her to break in 1986. Moore is now $150 million richer than what she has back then.

3. Leonardo Dicaprio
It is not really difficult to imagine Leonardo Dicaprio not basking in his millions – $200 million to be exact. But many are not aware of Dicaprio’s life as a poor guy eager to get out of the heartless streets of Los Angeles. He never wanted to end up like most people around him and worked his way up the ladder.

4. Tom Cruise
Orphaned and impoverished just at the age of 11, Cruise struggled to make a name by starting at the bottom of the showbiz barrel. Today, he is one of Hollywood’s leading men and now flaunts a net worth of $500 million.

5. J.K. Rowling
Being a single mother who could hardly provide food to herself, the writer wrote manuscripts in cafes with her baby by her side. Her agent once told her she can never make money writing children’s books. I guess her agent regrets that now. The Harry Potter author’s net worth now amounts to $1 billion.

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