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Nail art and throwing some creativity on those pretty nails have become so much popular, that every single girl wants to have it. If you are lazy or don't want to spend many bucks, you can try some cool tricks at home to get that polished nail art designs on your fingers.

You don’t need professional tools or skilled hands for this. We have some tricks by which you can do it so quickly and easily at your home.

Let’s see some of the quick tricks to do this:-

Fishnet Look

You can create the fishnet look on your nails by using a loofah. Take you loofah and your choice of color. For example, you can paint your nail black when it is completely dry put a layer of your loofah on your nail and take some white nail paint on a piece of sponge. Dap the paint on your nails, and lat the texture dry. Secure the design by applying a transparent top coat.

Chic Design

Get this chic-like design on your nail, by using two nail paints and a sketch pen. Start by applying white nail paint on your nails, and then make a curved line using sketch pen, but before doing this remember to let the white paint dry first. Now after making after making a curved line, filling it using your black colored nail paint, again secure it by applying a top coat.

Eye-shadow Nail Paint

Make your own matte nail pain, just by mixing your eye-shadow and nail paint together. Take a disposal plate, and drop some of your powdered eye-shadow on it. Now mix your nail paint and it is ready. Ta-da you got a matte manicure!

Polka Dots

Love polka dots? Get them on your nails, apply any nail paint of your choice and then make dots using bobby pins in different designs. Dip your bobby pin in some another colored nail paint, and make dots. You can create lady-bird design or can also make dots on the tip of the nails.

Diagonal Paint

Use tape to neatly apply your nail paint diagonally. Stick a small cutting of tape on your nails diagonally and apply nail paint on it. You don’t need to apply it very neatly because tape won’t let it ruin.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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