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Seasons marking a change in the weather has its own sets of light, temperature and characteristics which make it different from each other but have you ever wondered what would the conversation between Winters and Summers be if they were human beings.
If you have not imagined then we are here to present you an interesting conversation that would have happened between the two.
Winters v/s Summers
1.On Love:
Winters to Summers
I am the season of love, warmth and affection. Couples love me because they can cuddle, make out love in the cosy blankets and you are the villain in the love story of couples because you leave them limited options to romance.
Summers Reply To Winters
Only lusty couples love you because those who really love each other does not need cosy temperature for love.
2. Dress Choices
Summers to Winters
You don't leave with many options for the girls to wear. Girls cannot wear their favourite dresses, shorts because of you. They hate you the most when they cannot wear backless tops and outfits like sarees.
Winter reply to Summers
Those who have dressing sense will never have a shortage of options. They can have a fusion of dresses, boots and jackets. It looks far cooler than wearing shorts in summers.
3.Bad things
You bring things like sweat, humidity, mosquitos with you and people just hate you because you are so unhygienic.
Summers reply
You also bring bleeding nose, cold which no one likes.
And then both of them fights who makes people lazier because we know what is the actual reality. We really don't have any definite answer for it.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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