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Feeling complex due to some or the other factor is common nowadays. But suffering from prolonged inferiority complex might lead to serious mental issues. Therefore, you should know of ways to cope up with this problem when there’s time:

Know What You Feel Inferior To
Instead of worrying at the realization that you suffer from inferiority complex, push through and find out who and what you feel inferior to in the first place. Be as much specific as you can as in settling this down, and consider not only people you feel inferior too but also celebrities, icons even imaginary concepts.

Stop Stressing About What Other Person Thinks
Not paying heed to the perceived judgments of others is one of the best things you can do to stop an inferiority complex. After all, the tension of such complexes arises from obsessing over what others think of you. Sometimes it would just be about what the other person has told you actually, and at other times it will be all about what you imagine they think.

Nurture That Self Confidence
Treat yourself good, know your worth. When you do this, there arrives a self-confidence that you’re valuable and worth taking care of. Are you meditating regularly, eating well, and getting sound sleep? If not, work to build these aspects of self-importance into your life. You’ll also feel better about yourself if you’re living a life which you’ve always wanted, doing what you truly love. Ask yourself what’s holding you back from that, and prepare yourself up to destroy that factor. Act confident enough and come out with a deeper sense of self-worth, watch how others notice it, and the feedbacks will actually create more confidence in yourself.

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