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Winter weather and freezing winds of it, is not at all for the skin. Your skin becomes dry because of the low humidity levels in the dry air during winter. This then steals moisture away from the skin every second of every day.

Without immediate care, your dry skin can lead to cracks and unhealthy skin. This also makes your skin loos its glow. But if you don’t want to let your glow loos from your skin, then below tips will be beneficial for you.

Wash in Lukewarm Water

Hot showers and baths are always relaxing, it feels good in winters. But the times in a day when you wash your face and hands particularly, never wash it with cold tap water. Remember to wash your face with Luke warm water, this will reduce chapping, redness and itching.

Moisturize After Washing

Winters are for drying out skin, so remember to moisturize your skin immediately after you wash it. This will keep your skin moisture looked and helps in sealing the dampness into the skin.

Choose Moisturizer Smartly

As we know that our skin acts differently in a different season. So you can’t use summer moistur-izer in winter or vice-versa. So, remember to choose your moisturizer smartly for the winters. Make sure that the formula has natural nourishing ingredients in it, you can also go for oil-based moisturizer or can also include face oils in your moisturizing daily routine. This will keep your skin healthy and maintain your glow.


Moisturizing or washing face with Luke warm water is not enough. If you want to hold your face glow, then you should often exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells. This will also remove chapped skin and help in growing new and healthier skin.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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