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The 21st-century parenting is changing in tandem with the changing culture and lifestyles. How parents used to nurture the kids earlier and the parenting styles now have huge differences. From the level of education to the style of parenting there has been a drastic change in the approach of parents and kids of then and now.
So here are we to highlight that difference in style of parenting.
1.Level of education
Talking about the education parents at those times were mostly illiterate. There was few who were educated but now things have really changed. In today's time if the parents are not educated they really cannot survive as the world is too smart and if they want their kids to stand in the competitive world they need to have that smartness and thus parents have also modified them according to the present needs.
2.Working/Not working
One major change that has happened is that women are also working, unlike earlier times. So mothers are also managing the office work along with the responsibility of the kids.
3. Style of parenting
Kids of the 21st century are more open in terms of things they want in their life. from demanding about the branded clothes to shoes to their choices about life and making decisions about their lives even small kids are given that liberty to decide about what they want to eat and what they want to have in their life. Such things were hardly expected by the kids of earlier times.
Also earlier were more strict and aggressive in their tone and their style of making things understandable to the kids. Now, parents, have this attitude of let go things if kids commit any mistake which was not the case earlier.
4. Method of Teaching
The 21st century is a time where kids and parents both are smart enough to use the technology for their needs. From teaching kids about the rhymes to alphabets parents to use the video mode through the internet which is a more interactive and interesting experience for the kids.
5. Kids
What kids were and what they are now there is a huge difference in that. From being smart enough to use their skills to convince their parents to question each and everything kids of the 21st century is smart enough to get their demands fulfilled whatever it takes to do that.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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