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Indian weddings the beautiful, soulful and exciting affairs are considered the auspicious occasions in everyone's lives. The day which connects the bond, destiny of two persons for a lifetime. However, everything is not as rosy as it may seem.
Indian wedding, particularly Hindu wedding rituals are perpetuating the typical gender stereotypes. Want to know how? Here is the list of rituals which are actually enforcing the existing gender stereotypes in the society.
1. Kanya Daan- Donating the virgin
Kanya Daan donating the daughter, one of the most important rituals of Indian wedding also treats the girl like a property whose responsibility is transferred from the girl's family t groom's family. A daughter is considered the liability from the time she is born to the time she is married to someone. Also, it is always the father who is majorly responsible to do the Kanya daan. If father s not there in the family then any other male member does the Kanya daan.
2. Change in surname
The marriage ritual of changing the girl's surname is also an indication of gender stereotypes that do exists in our society. Although a few celebrities are changing this practice by including both the surname of her father and the groom. But still, the common practice remains in favour of boys.
3. Leaving her house
It is always the girl who always has to leave her house after the marriage and settles to the boy's house. why? Because she is the girl and the society expects a girl to make all the adjustments in life.
4.Wearing of ornaments
After the marriage, a girl is supposed to wear ornaments like Mangalsutra, bangles. However, there is no compulsion for the boys to wear any ornaments.
5. Manglik girl
If a girl is Manglik then according to the Hindu traditions she is the one who is married to the peeple tree. What about Manglik boy?
Why does our society have so many sexist practices is a question which needs to be pondered and change is definitely what we need for a progressive society.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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