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Gulzar is one of the most honoured and talented writers and his charismatic ambience needs no introduction to the die-hard poetics. His words and phrases have this ability to strike a chord with every age group, which is why he is just unmatchable. With his profound works, he successfully carved home in our hearts.
His fervent poems have the power of taking us on a tour that’s filled with love, despair, pain, bond, anguish and more. Gulzar has time and again teleported us to a different world altogether, a world that is felt throughout.
Now, because we are idle AF, we tried imagining Gulzar telling some heart-wrenching office tales; if you are a 9 to 5 worker, these lines will make you weep like a whining baby. So, get ready with your tissues: -

1). Making You Work On A Weekend Is The Cruellest Thing Life Can Do To You

2). When You Have Waited Long Enough For The Appraised Salary

3). When Sunday Arrives But You Gotta Complete That Damn PPT

4). When You Desperately Want A Half-Day To Get Some Work-Detoxification

5). How Your HR Explains You The Importance Of Coming On Time

Crying already? I am in the same ship, guys! But do not worry, we will definitely get through this turmoil, one day; we will see the bright sun one day; we will have 7 digit salary one day; our Boss will pat our back one day, one day guys, ONE DAY!
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- Shivam
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