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Cinema is surrealistic; the art of living someone’s imagination is definitely one of the most dreamlike things ever. Ever since the inception of this wonderous art form, we have seen some fantastic works in the form of Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Scarface and others. Filmmakers like Kubrick and Scorcese went beyond the set limits to bring something new on the table, these people influenced cinema to a great extent.
But, then came a wave of stereotypes and clichés and many filmmakers started making films around those clichés to cash in some dollars. While this kind of films served the purpose of being ‘guilty pleasures’, the essence of true cinema started going on a downhill spree like anything.

So, Twitteratis came up with this amazing thing of pointing out the clichés of films in this hilarious streak, watch out: -

1). Maybe Aliens Love NYC And Miami Just Like We Do, Eh?

2). Oh God! This Is So Apt, Also, Computer Geeks Are Some Of The Coolest People; So Hollywood, Please Research!

3). Looks Like Hollywood Also Has Some Good Amount Of ‘Johars’ And Their ‘Pooh(s)’.

4). Maybe, The Tooth Fairy Came And Placed The Kid Along With The Mother, Possible? No? Then, Where The Fuck Is Umbilical Cord?

5). And I Saved The Best For The Last, GODDAMMMNNNNIIIITTTT!!!!

Dear filmmakers, it is the right time to wake up and let go all the clichés, PLEASE!
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- Shivam
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