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Albert Einstein, the man who detected gravitational waves had his own story which in no way related to science. He was a person known to be not sane enough yet his intellect is still left unsurpassable. I guess the prodigies have their own share of stories that are quite unbelievable yet hugely inspiring. Let’s get to know about the other side of this greatest scientist of all time:

He loved playing Violin
He started learning the instrument when he was a young boy and continued this special knack until old age didn’t allow his left hand from being able to move as quickly and precisely as was needed. He performed at benefit concerts as well and used music as a tool of respite all his life. He was a great fan of the works of Mozart and Bach.

His teacher never believed in his capability
Einstein and his family told the press that he was actually slow to learn to walk and talk. He struggled with writing and it is widely considered that he had dyslexia, in a time before it was routinely tested for. He failed his university entrance exam but it was his job as a clerk where he found time to develop his ideas. He published scientific papers, moved into an academic career, made ground-breaking strides in physics developing the theory of general relativity which won him Nobel Prize in 1921.

Einstein’s Brain Was Comparatively Unusual
After the death of Einstein, his brain was measured and weighed by scientists. Parts of it were sent around the world. His brain was detected to possessed more tightly-packed neurons than normal, which might have allowed him to process information more quickly than the others.

He was a refugee
The time when Nazis took hold of the power, Einstein was already a big name. His Jewish grounds was widely known and it became quite a difficult task for him to work in the face of anti-Semitism in Europe. In the early 1930s, Einstein took hold of a job in the USA. Right after that, the Third Reich accused him of treason also his books were thrown on the fire at a ceremonial book-burning by Nazi students.

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