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As I sit idly in the comfort zone of my space actually doing nothing expect to enjoy the winters in my cosy blankets here are some of the thoughts about which my strikes. I don't know if you such insane thoughts have to drive your mind too but my mind is surely in the mood to think about these cute fights that would happen between the things which technically cannot speak but the mind has no limits so what to do.
So you also enjoy these interesting fights between the stationary.
1. Pen to pencil
People can erase you anytime from their life.
Pencil tough reply to pen
Now technology has enabled to remove you from their life.
2. Sharpener to pencil
You are dependent on me and my friend eraser.
Pencil tough reply to the sharpener
You are nothing without me.
3. Eraser to pencil
I cover up all of your mistakes and vanish them like magic.
Pencil tough reply to the eraser
If I did not exist you would have nothing to do in life. I am making your boring and dull life more worthy.
4. Ruler to pencil
You help me to make my work look more beautiful.
Pencil reply to the ruler
Thanks at least you know my worth. By the way, you also do good work.
I think non- living things have a more interesting conversation than we human beings have. You may be thinking I a weird, talking non-sense things but you know what it is good to think weird sometimes.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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