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If you are that Ma Ka Ladla types kid in the family who is always pampered by the family and suddenly you have to move out of your place because of your job or for studying then it is very obvious that your parents also went to some kind of a shock when you would have told them about the same.
Now if you have shifted to the place there is 100% certainty that you would have also heard these dialogues or complaints or their sweet grievances or if I say you hear them every day then it would not be wrong at all because parents are parents of course and everyone is the same.
Some sweet complaints that we kids hear from our parents if we are living outside.
1. ' Beta Ghar kab aa rahe ho'?
Even if we have just returned from the home for the long holidays they would be asking this question when are you coming back because they never ever want to leave us alone not even for a single moment.
' Wo parents ka concern' Isn't the feeling just amazing. Yes, it is one of the beautiful feelings to experience.
2. Ab Toh bhool hi Gaye ho hame...
If you are stuck in some work and you forget to call them then you just need to prepare yourself for that 'maa ki daat' because the moment you talk to them you have to hear that emotional dialogue from her. The very first thing that you will hear from her is that you have forgotten us and I knew it this would happen that is why I was asking your papa to not send you.
3. Tera toh ab wahi hi mun lagta hai
If you are not able to give that much time to them that you were giving them earlier your mother would also say things like 'tera toh ab wahi hi mun lagta hai'...pura din karta/karti kya ho?
4. Yaha job nahi hai kya jo bhar jana tha
Your mother will every day complain about the same thing and that is we willingly want to stay away from them that is why we opted to love outside otherwise we could also have studied/worked in the same city. Even if you have explained the reason n number of times then she would say the same thing every day because she misses you so much everyday.
Aakhir maa toh maa hi hoti hai and she is one of the most amazing people that anyone can have in their life and it is very soothing to hear her everyday sweet complaints.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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