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Flowers and wedding have an old relationship with each other. You will see flowers at almost everywhere. Doors are decorated with scented flowers and when you walk ahead at the venue, you will find more decoration in different forms.

Flowers not only used to decorate the venue or the main door, but it is also used embellish the beauty of a bride by decorating her hairstyle with it. Since so long women using this technique to beautify their hair and this custom followed till now.

Let’s together take the tour to see- how beautiful brides can decorate their buns with flowers.

The Traditional White Flower

Decorating hair buns of a bride with Gajra, it is a perfect accessory for the brides to with their loo a traditional touch. You can see this style commonly used by the woman in South India.

Two Way-In

This the new trend in the series of decorating hair buns with flowers. Instead of using only one type of flower, you can ask your stylist to do it with two types of flowers. You can take the light shade of flowers, for example, white and take another flower in the darker shade.

Small flower Hair-do

This style looks fabulous on braids and also with buns. If you don’t want to take the weight of heavy flowers on your head, then you can decorate your hair with small pieces of flowers. You can take artificial buds or even real flowers. Don’t take the flowers exactly matching with your outfit, instead try to find contrasting color.

Pastel Roses

Pastel color theme is so much in and after Anushka and Virat it made like a trend. You can also decorate your hair bun with pastel pink and white roses and buds.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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