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That 'sharmati hui dhulan' entering the wedding venue is now become old fashioned things. From bold and beautiful bride to the change in ways wedding rituals and ceremonies there has been some recent trends way the grand, pretty affairs are held.
So we bring you some of these trends which are quite noticeable in North Indian weddings.
Wedding Trends Now And then
1. Bride entry
The conventional shy bride used to enter the venue with the smiling face on one particular song and that was 'Din shagna da'. But now things have really changed especially the way the bride enters the wedding venue. Now you see special bride entry dancing with some spice of drama and filmy style.
Nowadays even one could even see the bring entering in a car with her friends and even you will find some bride entering on the horse. So bride entry is surely becoming one of the craziest things one could see in Indian weddings.
2. Videography and photography in wedding
If you set your eyes on the wedding albums of your parents it seemed really boring. Capturing the moments was more of a formality where there was 1 common photographer and videographer who would shoot normal videos and photos.
But with the changing times, things have really changed. Now the bride and groom would hire the team of photographers and videographers dedicated for normal, candid, photographs in special poses. Everything is preplanned from both sides.
3. Wedding Location
The traditional Indian weddings were primarily held at our homes and then things gradually changed and weddings were held at the wedding banquets/halls.
Now the trend of a destination wedding in places likes Goa are held where there is particular theme for the wedding. From dresses to food to location everything is decided by the bride and groom according to the special theme.
4. Pre-wedding shoots
Pre-wedding shoots are one of the coolest trends that one could find in an Indian wedding. For these multiple locations are selected where candid and posed photographs and moments in the form of videos are captured which are played on the wedding date.
These cool trends are really making the wedding affairs more exciting and yes of course very special for both the bride and the groom.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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