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Among all the incredibly rich and famed cricketers, there are stories of some inspiring and enthralling lives of men who rose from the debris of lopsided urbanization and unfair disasters. These are stories that have a blend of novelty along with poetic justice, and an ounce of cinematic episodes.

Umesh Yadav
Nagpur is a primitive area- a region where cars are still seen as a far-fetched dream. It is from this part of the world that India’s fastest ever bowler hails. Flinging tennis bowls at express pace, Umesh Yadav spent his childhood playing no leather ball at all. His father worked in a coal mine and his family resided in a settlement for coal miners. Life was way too tough. He bowled with shoes with no spikes and fetched 3 for 37. Soon, praises about a Rookie, raw paced bowler started making rounds around the Vidarbha Cricket Association. A cinematic tale began and Yadav rose to fame step by step.

Akila Dananjaya
How is it even possible that a teenager, who has played no first-class matches, no A list matches and no under 19 matches be selected for an event as big as WT20? In fact, he represented an unknown non-elite school called Mahanama Vidyalaya, in Panandura. He played in tier three in school cricket, a tier that mostly no one notices. Dananjaya was a son of a carpenter. He had been called in for a practice session to emulate Saeed Ajmal’s doosras and that’s how the story began.

Raymond Price
Ray Price hails from Zimbabwe. At birth, the chances of his survival were just 25%. He lost his hearing ability to meningitis but later it was recovered by a surgery. But the effect of the disease reflected badly on his coordination skills as a child. Today, he together with Utseya became two leading bowlers in world cricket.

Kamran Khan
He hailed from a family of woodcutters that endowed him with strong shoulders. He lived his life in utter poverty. Just with one pair of white cricket kits, he commuted between Kanpur and Lucknow for trials.He didn’t even have a place to sleep, would spend his nights in the railway stations. Though he possessed the pace that could trouble batsmen of all caliber, he didn’t have enough money to propose his talent to people who matter.

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