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Disney cartoons have contributed a lot to shape our childhood. The colourful characters that went around dancing and singing in joy made us learn many lessons about love, friendship and what not. I mean, we all laughed when the dwarfs played around with Snow White, we all felt connected when Aladin rescued Princess Jasmine and we all fell in love with The Little Mermaid.
But, these heroes of our childhood got the chance of becoming a HERO, only when they were pitted against a powerful Villain.
A story has a lot to do with villains, it is these people who maintain the other end of the spectrum; therefore a writer puts in a lot of thought whilst creating villains for their stories.
But, have you ever thought what will happen if these villains were provided with a chance of becoming a hero? What’d be their attributes, how they’d look? Ever put a thought in this? No, right?
But, do not worry; our work has been done by this very talented Japanese artist who illustrated a series in which he shows how Disney villains would look like if they were the main characters. So, scroll down to get a hint:-

1). Scar looks Ferocious

2). The Vibrant Hades

3). Ursula Never Looked So Radiant And Beautiful

4). Queen of Hearts Is All Set To Steal your Heart

5). Damn, Facilier Looks So Sharp And Sleek

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- Shivam
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