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Justin Drew Bieber is born to a very humble family in Canada. No one could really believe that the little boy rose to fame posting a video of his song on the internet. He became famous worldwide after posting a viral video with a song of his composition One Time on YouTube. Now we know that he’s the highest paid contemporary singers in today’s date.

Justin had a tough life during his childhood as his parents got divorced soon after his birth, his father got remarried again, got new children, and Justin was left to grow without a father. His mother had to work religiously for making a living, and Justin spent a lot of time with his grandparents from his mother’s side.

Music has a been Justin's heart and soul. His mother presented him a drum set for his second birthday. The boy hugely rejoiced in the device and mastered it quickly. Later on, he also mastered to play guitar, piano, and even such a rare instrument as a tuba.

Justin once played at a local festival and fetched a few money, what he did with it is just a gesture of one of the sweetest boys who know how to fulfill dreams, unlike many of his fellow mates were doing, Justin did not spend the money he earned on PC games or fashionable clothes. Instead, he chose to fulfill his mother’s old dream and made her visit Disneyland.

In 2009, the singer uploaded his first single One Time video. By that time, it went to the top of the Canadian music charts. The video broke the internet and acquired the status of a viral video rapidly fetching more than a million views. After that, the Internet started calling Justin a wonder kid and a singing sensation already.

We know now, where he is. And he’s an inspiration to every kid and adults out there who considers that belonging from a humble family with no power would lead to nowhere.

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