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Love that lasts is the result of partners making an impression in each other’s brain in a beautiful way. Memories and pleasures get all twisted up together so that the other person becomes an essential part of the very structure of your brain, and you become an integral part of him as well.

Take his/her breath away
Do something out of the box and out and something which is not common and of course, keep an element of surprise in it: a love note into the pocket, A special dinner date on any regular night, A playlist of his favorite songs. These thoughtful acts will impress him greatly no matter how unromantic he is.

Make every regular day feel special
Don’t forget to call him every day to talk something good for a few minutes. Cook his favorite meal once a week. Once he realizes the fact that all his little expectations are met so nicely, its really going to be hard for him to leave you.

Try making a lot of eye-contacts
New couples tend to engage in this naturally, but don’t forget about this intimate thing just because the relationship has taken a step ahead. This is one way to keep the fire alive and is especially powerful when making love.

Do something novel (If you know what I mean)
When things get monotonous and routined, there is not going to be as much of hormonal stuff, and arousal is lessened. While you don't have to break the whips and chains, a little novelty can enhance interest and rise up the heat again on bed.

Engage in some edgy stuff
If you get your partner’s heart beat a little more, he may relate that particular feeling of excitement with you. Take a roller-coaster ride, a thrilling balloon trip, shooting the rapids, anything with a touch of risk and titillation to it can make things turn sweeter for long.

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