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I started to believe that the stairway to success is filled with thorns and you to got cross that path as that’s what I’ve chosen. I felt overwhelmed, confused, exhausted, anxious, insecure and frankly, unhappy. But we know right that everyone feels these things on the path to success. It’s normal and you just have to keep moving following this path, right?Wrong.

This dangerous perception about the path to achieving success is not just misleading but is frightening. It can send people down a threatening path. People often aren’t aware of the difference between ‘struggle’ and ‘challenge’. These two words are used interchangeably, the difference between them is the distinction between a person coming out and a person going down.

Imagine that you’re chained. You struggle to get free for weeks and months trying to get rid of it. How does that make you feel? Does it make you feel inspired and puffed up with all zest for life, excited and powerful? Or rather you feel exhausted and helpless? The latter is exactly how I felt while on my journey. A state of chronic stress overpowered me which was caused by the belief that I had to follow the path of struggle in order to achieve something in life.

Stress instigates the freeze and blank mode in our brains. It shuts down the brain’s functional capability which helps us come out with ideas, makes plans and solves the necessary problems. Such a mental disposition renders us very ineffective also, it is bad for our health and wellbeing.

I’ve had many tough challenges in my life and I’ve handled them all well. The reason behind is challenged stimulates the functional center of the brain rather than blacking out as struggle does. Challenges are most welcome as it excites and inspire us, not only can we rejoice the process but it proves to fetch much better results, too. It's not stress but challenges that we’ve to adapt to.

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