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PUBG Mobile is creating havoc in India in a good sense and to be honest, it looks like Tencent could never really falter. Now the latest rumor that’s doing round is, there may soon be an additional feature in the game, and we’re not sure if everyone is going to be happy about it. That's because someone spotted zombies on the edge of a map.

Yes! That which you’re seeing is a screenshot from the game showing dead zombies along outskirts of the island military base in the Erangel Map. This follows nearly along other symbols people had discovered. Some have caught puddles of black goo, possibly zombie blood, with footprints emerging out of it them, in houses on the same map.The thing is, after Tencent's PUBG Mobile Star Challenge tournament in Dubai in December, the company declared that it would be tying up with RE_Games for their upcoming Resident Evil franchise remake.

Though no such official details are afloat, its one sure thing that the Resident Evil-themed merchandise will be available in the PUBG Mobile store. Maybe that’s going to be outfits based on those of the game's characters like Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine, or if we're way too lucky we can be gifted with a zombie getup. It might also be possible there comes up a new weapon or two owing to the series.
However, there's been one rumor that seems to get attention with these recent dead zombie sightings. We don’t know though whether it’s going to be a team survival game or just an added obstacle to your chicken dinner.

It could probably be just a temporary event like that of PUBG's holiday special loot boxes. But if they do actually add a zombie mode, I can’t really contain the excitement like most of you. The update is expected to arrive anytime after January 18, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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