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Without a doubt, Marriage and expectations go hand in hand. However, the 21st century still has not brought many changes in the attitudes of society. Society continues to remain regressive in such things and love marriages are one of those things which are looked with sceptical eyes.
Society has different perceptions of Arranged and Love Marriage
Arranged v/s Love Marriage
1. Attitude Towards The Girl
I don't know why but everyone thinks that if a girl loves someone and if they are bringing the girl by love marriage then she would have an altogether different personality. I really don't understand the logic behind it but this is how things are.
2. Expectations
No family wants that their son should get married to someone of their choice. If they fail in their mission of arranged marriage then they would literally have no expectations or I would say good expectations about the girl. one of the biggest problems that they have with love marriage is that girl would be working and they don't want someone for their son but someone who could manage the home.
3. Perception
Mothers are really very possessive about their sons. There is nothing wrong in that but when the mothers become over-possessive there happens the problem and this is what happens with the love marriage. Families think that the girl would control the boy but come on really?
4. Motherhood
The reason behind the marriage is to produce kids. Yes, it is how much you deny this and it isne of the biggest concerns. Society has this perception that girls would not be able to nurture kids and embed good values in the kids. In short, they cannot be good mothers.
There still remains a huge boundary between how Arranged marriage and perceived and how love marriages are perceived.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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