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Many people consider that iPhones or Samsung Note series are really costly phones in the world but let me just break your bubble and tell you that there are some high-end phones that are handmade especially for people with truck-loads of money. The prices of these phones can go up to $1million and beyond, let us have a look at some of the costliest phones around the world:-

5). Goldvish Le Million:

This handmade phone by Goldvish is made up of 18-carat white gold and 120 carats of VVS-1 graded diamonds. The cost of the phone is around $1.3 million. The bling of the phone will startle you in no time.

4). iPhone 3G Kings Button:

This $2.5 million phone is dipped in the royal syrup as it comes up with a button featuring gold and white gold with 138 brilliant cut diamonds. The phone is enough to make you feel like a true blue king.

3). iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstriker Advanced:

This costly phone by British designer Stuart Hughes boasts of a luxury design that comes with a rare 7.1-carat diamond. You can get a hold of this phone if you have around $3.14 million in your damn pockets.

2). iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition:

Another masterpiece by Stuart Hughes is created with a solid rose gold body and is wrapped around by 500 glitzy rich diamonds. Not just this, 53 pure diamonds are used to create the Apple logo as well. Not just this, the centre button also comes with a 7.4-carat diamond rose. The cost is around $8 million.

1). Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond:

This luxury phone that comes on paying a whopping price of $48.5 million is made of 24-carat gold and pink goals, the back is layered with a diamond structure and is protected with a platinum coating. The owner of this phone is none other than our very own Nita Ambani.

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- Shivam
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