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The tech world keeps changing every day, and we also keep changing ourselves with it. We depend so much on technology, and are surrounded by tech gadgets all around us. There are things in the tech world that astonish us, and here we have put some of the facts like that.

Hard drive of 5MB weighed around 1,000 Kgs in 1956
In the year 1956 IBM launched the first super computer, the 305 RAMAC with a hard drive that weighed a ton. Now we keep GBs of data in the pen drive that fits in our pocket, but back then 5 MB that is now the size of a song weighed around 1,000 kg and was moved from one place to another using a vehicle.

Bill Gates’ house was designed on a Macintosh Computer
The biggest rivalries in the technological world, Microsoft and Apple’s back then CEO Bill Gates and Steve Jobs accused each other of many a thing. But the $127 million house of Bill Gates was designed using a Macintosh computer that is a product of Apple of course. As there were advantages with the designing when it was done using the Mac.

Domain names were free to buy before 1995
Now we buy domains at different prices depending upon the popularity of the domain name, and the extension. But before 1995 it was all free, yes many of the people didn’t even know what was Internet, so what was even the use, but yes this is a fact.

Sitting still for 8 hours was needed to get a click from the first camera
If it takes more than 5 seconds to click a picture on your phone, you get irritated and even say it must have hanged. With your patience level you might not have survived with the first camera that needed 8 hours of your stillness for a click.

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- Rajat Priyam
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