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Celebrities most often credit the glowing and flawless skin they give to the habit that is required for a human to live. And of course, you have heard most of the celebs saying they drink lots of water to keep themselves hydrated and don’t step out in sun. Maybe you felt that after drinking a lot of water and applying 5o SPF sunscreen on your face, still, you are not getting that crystal clear skin. This thing we won’t accept even after knowing it because since childhood we were told to drink a lot of water as this helps in keeping the skin hydrated.

Well, if we say that water doesn’t have to do anything with our glowing skin or it doesn’t keep our skin hydrated. So, what is the real deal behind the A-grade beauty of celebs? Read further to know this, because we scoop from the celebrity skin-care experts and it doesn’t look like as it is.

"I repeat positive affirmations.": Jennifer Lopez

The truth behind her beauty is- positive thinking. Positive thinking is helpful- at least for your mental health. Actually, it works like a “spiritual botox”. there is an old saying- “If you feel good, you look good,” is entirely bogus- at least, that’s up to you to decide. But if you are going to learn happy mantras for staying happy in your life, you can remain young for life.

"I drink a lot of water.": Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is not only a water-obsessed celebrity, but the secret behind her unbeatable beauty is something else. And the Secret is that- she keeps her skin hydrated, and this can’t be done by drinking water only, because water only filtered out the bodies by our kidneys and never actually reaches to the skin. In reality, she uses gel masks and alcohol0-free toner for sealing that in with a skin serum that contains hydraulic acids and sodium.

"I have good genes.": Gabrielle Union

While genes play the role in certain skin conditions like oiliness, dry skin, skin color, and thickness of it, but it might surprise you that only 30% of aging can be attributed to genetics and only 70% to personal habits. But the real secret of her beauty is that she uses sunscreen. She believes that sunscreen is the most effective anti-aging cream and everyone should wear it even they are going out in the sun, in their house, office and even car.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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