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We all celebrate our birthday, and do casual photography with our family and friends. We party, eat food, and do all kind of celebrations but we might never have considered becoming a baby for the special occasion for the photography of it. This 28-year girl with her best friend planned a unique way to celebrate her birthday, and that is by styling herself as a new-born baby. The girl who is all swaddled in baby clothes is Stephanie Smith who works in the Southern Stitched Photography company in South Carolina, and her best friend who came up with the idea and helped in executing it was Nicole Ham.

It was posted on the Facebook page of Southern Stitched Photography on the 29th of December, 2018 and went viral in a few days only. The post got 97,000 likes, with 20,000 comments and was shared by 42,000 people across the platform. The pictures looked adorable and that is the reason it was loved by so many people and was all over the news. It has definitely given ideas to many of the people around the world, and they might have even planned to do the same for a unforgettable memory in their lives.

There was a line written beside the girl being photographed, that read
336 Months Old, Loves-Champagne, Hates-Dating in 2018, Go Tigers! 12.29.18
This short line was really funny, a girl who is portraying as a baby loves champagne, and hates dating but that too only in the year 2018 that was going to end in 2 days of her birthday. Parents do this kind of stuff with their new born babies, but she doing this was differently cute and adorable.

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- Rajat Priyam
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