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When it comes to android phones, OnePlus is sitting on the top spot for the last few years. Last phone by One Plus, the OnePlus 6T was one of the most powerful and most successful phones. The OnePlus 6T had some upgrades from the previous model like it came with the notch display, and in-screen fingerprint scanner. It is still doing great business, and people are loving it as you get such amazing features and looks at half the price of the phones by Samsung or Apple, so it is obviously a great deal. Now OnePlus is looking forward for its next launch that is the OnePlus 7.

Some of the specifications of the phone were already out like it will have the 5G version, and will cost around $200-300 more than the previous model. This we knew when the OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said “It’s hard to know because there’s a lot of specifics still to look at, but it’s likely in the neighborhood of $200-300 more” It was also announced at the Qualcomm Summit in Hawaii that the next device will be in the market by early 2019. Now a few days ago some of the pictures of the OnePlus 7 were posted to, that is a Chinese social platform. From the pictures we can tell that the next OnePlus phone won’t have a notch, and will have a curved design.

This obviously means that it will have either the pop-up camera or the sliding camera. The in-display fingerprint scanner, and the chipset upgradation from Snapdragon 845 to Snapdragon 855 is expected. From the leak pics, it looks like this OnePlus will have the best look out of the previous models because of the notch-less, bezel-less and curved display. Well, these are all leaked information, let us see what OnePlus comes up with.

Leaked picture of OnePlus 7 on the left with OnePlus 6T on the right
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- Rajat Priyam
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