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A true Indian is someone who just cannot resist the aroma of the intoxication, which is known as ‘CHAI’. The feeling of dipping a Parle-G biscuit and savouring it to satisfy the craving is definitely our favourite guilty pleasure, isn’t it?
Let us all admit it, once and for all, Tea is the BEST and its taste is unmatched. #CoffeeLoversYouSuck
Now, just like us, a Bangladeshi ardent fan of tea took the game to a whole new level. The man who goes by the name Saiful Islam is a tea-seller by profession and he has discovered a tea with seven layers.

The layered tea looks absolutely scrumptious and has been named as Rangdhonu which means rainbow. His tea-stall in Dhaka's eastern Taltola market has become a popular tourist spot and people just love the man’s art of making such fine layered tea.

The man sees Romesh Ram Gour as his sole inspiration to come up with this variety of tea. Romesh was a famous tea-maker of Bangladesh and tourists used to come to visit his shop in large numbers as his tea was considered world best.
Talking about the tea, Saiful said: "From there I have somehow acquired the secret technique of layering seven coloured tea. Later I moved to Dhaka and opened a store to sell the seven-colour tea. We mix different types of locally and China-grown tea — three black teas and one green tea — with milk and various spices. Each mixture has a distinct colour and taste, and I pour one on top of another to create seven distinct bands of colours including orange, black, white, strawberry, milk and green.”

Bangladesh, Me and my Parle-G are coming!
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- Shivam
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