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Satyajit Ray is considered to be the ‘Father of Indian cinema’, with his different approach of storytelling, he was always successful in developing a human connection that made his films so legendary that even today they influence the cinematic world in some or the other way.
Here are 5 best films from the maverick filmmaker that every cinema-lover needs to see:-

1). Pather Panchali (1955)

The first part of the Apu trilogy where Ray went ahead and presented a world as seen by a kid, his film oozed sheer realism and won many hearts. The film went on to become one of the most important films of all time and it also won many accolades at the prestigious Cannes festival. The film is regarded as Satyajit Ray’s best work.

2). Teen Kanya'(1961)

The film was based on three short stories written by none other than Rabindranath Tagore. The film traced the journey of three women and their respective struggle to survive in society. The film is considered one of the best human-dramas ever made.

3). Jalshaghar (1958)

The film traces the story of a Bengali zamindar who does not pay attention to his family business or to his fields that get destroyed by floods; his soul and heart are immersed in music and his obsession for music creates many problems for him. The film aptly defined the human emotion of ‘CHOICE’.

4). Nayak (1966)

A world famous film star takes a train journey and comes in contact with a journalist. His splendour and flair is a disguise for many secrets that are inside the actor’s heart.

5). Charulata (1964)

One of Ray’s most accomplished film where he traced the emotions of a lonely housewife whose husband is always busy with the work of running a newspaper firm in Colonial Calcutta.

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- Shivam
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