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No wonder why WhatsApp is the primary medium of communication for personal use. The way Whatsapp has rolled out new features in no time is just the reason it is not just limited to personal communication. Today Whatsapp is highly in demand for business purpose as well.
The pace at which Whatsapp has introduced these new features you may be needing to catch up with the updates. So here are we with all the updates so that you don't find yourself backwards in the race.
New Whatsapp Updates in Whatsapp Beta
1. Whatsapp Authentication Feature
This is the latest feature that will be soon rolled out in Whatsapp Beta. The feature enables fingerprint authentication every time you click the Whatsapp icon. The feature is expected to provide much-needed security for the Whatsapp payment.
2. Customised Stickers
Whatsapp Beta is said to allow sending customised stickers to the gif's, images and videos.
3. Private reply to the group messages
Recently, WhatsApp also allowed replying privately to the group conversation. This feature is available in beta.
4. Picture in picture
This feature allows to simultaneously watch WhatsApp videos while chatting on the other platform.
5. Leaving the group
According to the government notification, users would not be added to any group without seeking his permission. If any person leaves one group 3 times he cannot be added to the group.
Stay updated! Stay alert!
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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