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Most of the patriarchal Indian families still have the dominant figure as a father taking most of the crucial decisions of the family. Our mother continues to remain the silent figures in spite of the fact that mothers play a crucial rule in nurturing the kids. But who cares! She is typically stereotyped as home-maker or housewife where the power to take the decisions remain with the father.
This is what generally happens in most of our families.
1. Asking for any permission...
I clearly remember how my mother never had any decision making power even in the smallest of the affairs related to us. From asking about going for a trip to staying to the friend's place the common answer we got from the mummy was asking from your father. I mean why? She is equally responsible for my life then why will father decide everything.
2. Passing the parcel?
It's just not limited to taking permission from the papa my mother used to say this thing that your father will not like this thing. What will your mother say if he sees you wearing this and that? I really don't understand why cannot she denies for something on her behalf. Why involve the father when a mother can also take the decision.
3. Threatened in name of the father
Our mothers are usually the kind-hearted person and also the smart one. Right from childhood to the time we grow up we are scared about our complaints being forwarded to the father. We are made to believe from the childhood that father is the person who has all the power. So the result is that in most of the cases kids are afraid of talking to the father.
4. Decision About Our Carrer
When little decisions of our lives are influenced by the father or the male figure then it is quite obvious that the major decisions of the life will definitely be taken by whom? So be deciding about the school, college, job our father takes all the important decisions.
Even if our mothers are financially independent it is the father who is taking all the minor and major decisions of our life. Reason? You better know it...
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Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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