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The latest movie Zero of Shah Rukh Khan didn’t do quite well at the box-office, and also faced a lot of criticism. The criticism came mainly for the second half of the movie, where they were showing anything and stretched it more than required. The last few movies of SRK didn’t do that good at the box-office, Raees (2017) still got some decent collection and reviews but Jab Harry Met Sejal (2017) was called a disaster. With Zero he didn’t get the boost that he needed for his career, and that must have been in his mind.

First the director, Mahesh Mathai had approached Aamir Khan but then because of work commitments he recommended it to Shah Rukh Khan. It was quite finalised that Shah Rukh would be playing the role of Rakesh Sharma in his biopic Saare Jahaan Se Achha, and even the shoot was going to start in a month of the release of his movie Zero.

Shah Rukh Khan had said before these reports came in, "I thank Aamir, who was to do the film for calling me and telling me about the role as it would suit me. I will try and spend time with Rakesh Sharma."

Before the release of his latest movie Zero he was asked what if the movie fails to which he had replied "I can’t change that, and if I can’t change something, why should I think about it? If people feel that Zero is very important for me, it’s their feeling. God forbid, if this film doesn’t work, what will happen? Maybe, I won’t get work for six months or 10 months, but if I believe that my craft and art is good, I will continue to get work"

But from the recent DNA reports, SRK has opted out of the movie and has taken up Don 3 instead. He must be having more expectations from Don 3 with the two previous parts of the movie being successful. Let us see who ropes in for the biopic now.
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- Rajat Priyam
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