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Indian Weddings with all their grandeur and magnificence is steeped with cultures and traditions signifying the vast cultural heritage. However, the rich grand traditions connected with North Indian weddings are nothing but the manifestation of how the bride family is exploited.
These weird cultural practices are actually one of the reasons why daughters are still considered a burden lifelong...
These cultural practices actually manifest the mirror of Indian society.
1. Ritual of giving gifts to distant relatives.
The ritual of giving gifts to the daughters starts the day marriage is finalised and continues forever. So our society expects that daughter's family should not give presents just to the girl but also the complete family. I belong to the Punjabi family and I myself have seen how families are literally humiliated in the name of taking gifts. It does not really make any sense why that 'Dur ke relatives' are also given gifts and cash and god know what not. I mean why?.
2. and gifts...
Not just on the pre-marriage ceremonies and the marriage day the ritual of sending the gifts to the daughter and the family continues forever and ever. Be it any occasion parents can afford or not they are supposed to give something, actually not something they are expected to give a lotttttt and this has actually no limit. To no surprise, the family will never get satisfied how much hard you try. Just because they are family of a son they have got official right to humiliate/exploit the family.
3.. Expectations of kid within 1 year of marriage
Just because someone is married they are supposed to produce the kids? Yes, our society expects the couple to have a kid within 1 year of marriage. But why? Should not the decision of having a kid only the decision of groom and the bride. Supposedly yes but society actually does not give that right too. They expect them to move along with the stereotyped practices that everyone is following.
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Design credits - Vikas KakkarAuthor- Neha Wadhwa
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