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The chilly breeze in the morning is an absolute turn-off when it comes to running in winters. Even if you stay calm and don’t really bother about the winter when it comes to fitness, nature has got it’s on pricks to penetrate deep into your body to send signals up to your mind that no! you just can’t stand it. The atmosphere is killing you and you just want to give up for a while.
Taking into account all the adversaries that winter inflicts, we’ve listed down few methods by which you can keep yourself motivated to run every morning:
1. Warm Up Yourself And Do Some Stretches
A simple way to motivate oneself to get out and run in the cold is to wake up early, have some light snack with a cup of hot tea or coffee, and stretch or use a foam roller, says Keflezighi, the marathon champion.

2. Get In A Local Running Group
If you need some more motivation, Keflezighi says planning regular runs along with friends or joining a local running group will excite you to get outside.“That can be your accountability and give you a routine,” he says.

3. Take Part In A Race
Another great way for runners to keep up with winter in the cold months is to sign up for races throughout the chilly weather and spring, says Keflezighi. He adds that having a race to train for will give you extra motivation to get out the door.“You want to do the best that you can, and you’re not going to wait until the last week before [the race], so that kind of keeps you a goal-oriented person,” he says.

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