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No matter where you’re from and from what religion you belong to. You have your own share of story about the creepy myths. From stuff like the legend of King Arthur to the interesting gods of Ancient Greece to the mind-boggling epics of Hindu mythology, every culture residing here comes with a set of stories that other cultures around the globe call foreign or strange.
Let’s put some insight into the myths surround the planet, it’s history and also it’s future according to mythology:

The Great Flood
The notion of a flood that drowns the entire world emerges in almost every single cultural story. Jews and Christians know it as the story of Noah, but other versions somehow predate this Genesis account. These tales may or may not have taken birth from reality. In 2009, National Geographic reported on the complete lack of evidence of a globe-destroying super-flood.

Paradise Lost
Take into account the oldest story of Garden of Eden, we know that it all started with a harmonious land untouched by pain and lust, is the biggest slice of golden days nostalgia you’ll ever come up with. The Ancient Greeks, meanwhile, deeply recalled their Heroic Ages—a time when the world was merrier, men were men, and things weren’t all corrupted as it is now.

Epic Cosmic Battles
The idea of an inconceivable war that threatens to tear apart the cosmos is so poignant that it still overpowers our epic stories. Films like The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and numerous other activities as testimonials to this age-old trope.

You may now be driven by the breadth-taking vampire films and TV series but back then belief in vampires was so prevalent that hardly a single country didn’t consider them a terrifying fact of life. When crops failed was affected by drought or a baby was born with a slight deformity, believe the fact it was vampires.

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